Errotic Paintings and Sexual Innuendos on Trucks in Indonesia Should be Banned

Indonesia is a country with a very rich art and culture. With over 238 million people, 17.508 islands and 33 provinces. The uniqueness and richness of art in Indonesia can be shown through various dances, paintings, and songs that are spread all around Indonesia. Because of the merge of modern art that is showing more freedom of expressions, traditional art in Indonesia is somewhat put aside by the people of Indonesia. Unfortunately, due to the lack of education, the freedom of modern art in Indonesia is often misinterpreted into more vulgar arts. For example, fad painting and remarks that we frequently saw on trucks.

In Jakarta, the freeway road from Cawang to Tomang is filled with 4.013 vehicles, 1.404 from it are trucks and containers. The freeway is one of the places where we can view many examples of fad paintings and remarks on trucks, because the road leads to Muara Angke Harbor, also in some other place like in Kampung Rambutan and Senen Market where a lot of trucks with bad paintings and remarks often stop. Every day we can see a lot of artwork painted and written on the trucks. Most of them contain erotic paintings and sexual innuendos. Those artworks were mostly created by the truckies themselves,

Those artworks were mostly created by the truckies themselves, who are usually people with low education. The remarks that we usually saw on the trucks are for example, “Pra One are You The End Thought So Peer” which if read in Indonesian accent it would mean “A beautiful virgin would be sexually used by the driver.” and the other example would be writings such as, “Asal Abang Kuat Nanjak Lewat Aje.”, This sentence is a metaphor means “If the driver is strong he’s allowed to have sex with me.”. These remarks show how som people in Indonesia have misused the freedom of art and expressions.

Again, probably because of the low education. (please refer to figure 1 and 2). Not only remarks that are put on the trucks, but also a lot of erotic paintings. The picture usually contains girls with revealing clothes, big blossoms, and sultry expressions. (Please refer to figure 3 and 4).

This kind of art is what most people see every day because Jakarta is a very mobile city. Every day, citizens of Jakarta spend their time on the road, because of the unbelievable traffic and flexible work hour. And not the only adult that can view theses immoral arts but also children. Everyday people can see it and to some of the people, especially the lower class, this is the view that they often see every day. This kind of behaviour must not be very good for the people of Indonesia because it’s just supported the low educated worldview of Indonesian citizens.

In conclusion, It is understood that the painting and remarks are unintentional and created only for fun, however, this still can be a serious problem. The only way to handle this problem is to further educate them by giving small seminars about moral and arts, probably instead of painting such perverse images they can start painting anything else like sceneries with encouraging words. Further education is needed because we can’t blame the truckers for this, it is not their fault that they receive such low education and because this is art, people have their own freedom to express their own art. The other way to handle this maybe by just simply ban any sexually related painting and remarks. The government must enforce the banning because these kinds of arts are not suitable for children and not to mention it is also demeaning to women all around Indonesia. Art is allowing everyone to express their creative sides, however, everything has its own place and boundaries. Therefore, there should be clear boundaries for art in public places, especially where there are children around.

Figure 1.

asal abang kuat nanjak

Figure 2 & 3. Tabloid Bintang

You can check the video interview with one of erotic painting in Indonesia, some people called Grafis Arts :

I do appreciate the arts and for me, education and arts need to be equal. 🙂

By Agathackd & Pukta


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