Star Maker – (1937) by Olaf Stapledon

Olaf Stapledon, a novelist, and philosopher. He wrote about science fiction and philosophy. One of my favorites is “Star Maker”. This British philosopher and author of influential works of science fiction. He introduces me into the fantasy of science.
Under the shadow of war that will look worse than the first world war, Olaf Stapledon began to write “Star Maker” (1937). The narrator in the story can be wandering his mind and enters the space, the cosmic space with incredible speed. It can enter the door between the past and the future. He has a power of the telepathic that can connect with other beings of the universe. Together.. adventure into space and time to see a different life in another world.

The worlds are very different, no one looks the same. The type of occupants is varying. There are some beings are stupid and there are some beings are smart. And another world has endangered by its own technological advances or extinct due to environmental factors of climate change. There are similarities; that is all the universe is on the verge of collapse. If the universe in collapse, then what kind of creation that has been made? I have a question that maybe the writer has a “spiritual value”.

Then who is the “Star Maker”? Star maker is a fantasy, a myth, the one who has a huge creativity of creating “the universe”. All of the Universe is a creation, an experiment, a soul and absolute. Star Maker started with a melody and all of them venturing into space and time. The creation increasingly complicated, our universe was born in a mid- way, the Star Maker was amazed, he liked the world exquisite and complex as the Earth.

Maybe the narrator feeling bitter, but the Star Maker has done something astonished. The narrator felt more and more familiar with all of this, there is a future that encapsulates the cosmos but exceeded. Efflux cosmos are the cosmos in absolute balance. Star Maker is not good or not bad, he is an artist who is busy with his own work, he Admired, he is busy evaluating the work himself because the Star Maker can not fix the flaw that exists in the universe. Finally, the narrator goes back to earth and accept his fate, he did not understand the reasoning from what Star Maker had done, but he comes to know what is being done. Without any infiltration to undermine religious values of every human being, because this is only written from a philosophical ideology which often broken into reality and write it into artwork.

Written since, 20 June 2016

By Agathackd


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