It’s been a long time that I’ve never done it. Actually, I don’t know why I started to write again. Looks like someone punched me in the head.

I loved to read,

I loved to write,

but as you know I’m not good as what I hope through my whole life.

Some tragedy just happened. So the end.

I would like to share.

Yeah.. A few sentences.

I am a set of contiguous words forced to be a sentence that can be reassuring human heart.” – AgathaCKD/my own quote.

“I have been wondering what your voice sounds like, what your mouth looks like when you talk. Do your hands move when you tell a story? Will you reach out and touch me lightly upon my hands. I have been wondering what it may be like to look at you through lowered lashes. Or perhaps to peek at you over the rim of a glass. To laugh and shake my head at you. To share a mischievous smile. I’ve been wondering if you’ll lean in to kiss me first. Or maybe tempt me to take what I want. I’ve been wondering if my cheek will fit upon your shoulder when we hug if my hips and yours align. I’ve been wondering about you. I wonder if you knew.”

I hope you will read it, someday, somewhere…



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